So apparently a “regular” cycle means your cycles don’t vary by more than 8 days.  This means technically I have a regular cycle, even though it tends to vary between 27 and 32 days in length.  Obviously I’m lucky to have a regular cycle at all, but I am pretty jealous of those clockwork cycles!

megamindy said: fertile is fertile. There is more CM by your cervix that you aren’t seeing. You can try taking Mucinex to increase CM production during your fertile window. B-6 also helps, but you have to take it everyday. :)

Thank you for the advice!  Hopefully I O’d today :D

megamindy said: That’s so hard. This will be our first cycle trying and that is the part I’m most worried about. I hope you feel better soon!

haha and this is only our fourth cycle!  I’m sure everyone who has been trying for years is just rolling their eyes at me.  

Thank you so much!  I hope you have good luck and end up being one of those one-month-wonders everyone is so envious of!

AF finally finished a few days ago and it’s time to start trying again.  I feel so burned out, though.  Like I’m tired of caring.   I just want it to happen for us.  I don’t want to keep getting my hopes up in spite of myself, only to burst into tears when AF comes knocking each month.